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Frankie Valli was born on 3 May 1934, in the US. He is a top vocalist renowned for his unique falsetto as the lead singer of the Four Seasons Band.  Frankie’s star began to rise in the 1960s  at a time that bands such as the Beatles and the rolling stones were the market hits and could not give new groups a chance.  However, his group, The Four Seasons withstood that and became one of the best American bands of the time. Since his first hit Sherry, that topped the American top 40 hits charts in 1962, he has continued to do more songs singles and other group songs that have performed well for the last fifty years that he has been on the airwaves. Valli’s signature hit song of 1967, Can’t Take My Eyes off continues to become a favorite for many and other artists have done their versions of the same song.